Hello world!

Hello world! Welcome to Rewind Real Slow. While I may go fast when I run marathons, my goal when I am not running is to slow down enough and enjoy the people and experiences in my life. I hope to be able to share that journey with you, and not only keep myself accountable to my goals, but maybe offer a little insight along the way on how I am re-centering to be able to focus on what’s important.

I often feel overwhelmed and pulled in multiple directions. There is always something demanding of attention. The smart phone is dinging with some notification, the dryer is buzzing, there are errands to run. After being stuck in this cycle for 20 years, I realized that I was not happy. Doing more does not make my life more full. While I may have a very busy life, it is in fact devoid of meaningful human interactions.

In the course of this blog, I will be sharing how I am starting to rewind real slow. When you are stuck on the treadmill for years, you cannot just jump off without hitting the wall or the floor. You must slowly disembark. This is about how I am unplugging from the smart phone (ironic, I started a blog to unplug from technology, but that is another post), how I have learned to say “no” to things that are not important in life, the rule of three that dominates quite a bit for me (more future blog posts), how I am accomplishing things on my bucket list I never thought possible (more future blog posts), and how I am doing all this with less stress, more time, and more love than ever before. I am slowly unlearning how to leave the treadmill of 60+ hour work weeks and mounds of laundry and debt to focus on the people and experiences that are the true priorities in my life.

It’s a slow start. Sit back and relax.

Welcome to Rewind Real Slow.